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Hey there, I'm Benjamin,  thanks for stopping by to check out my website. It will give you some info about my philosphy and service details.

ASE Certified

Bilingual (Spanish), customer-focused mechanic with over 11 years experience in all types of automotive maintenance and repair. Not a job to big or too small!

All work comes with a 12,000 mile or 1 year warranty! Get 10% Off your first job by checking out my new online scheduling service! Get a free online quote and set up an appointment with me on Wrench's site. You'll get a great deal at 10% off your first appointment. Really good deal. Also, Check out some reviews my customers have left me below!


I never had a better experience with a mechanic than with Ben. He was outstanding! He stuck with the job and stayed late to make sure everything was done properly. Polite, professional, timely, excellent work! - Darian in BARRINGTON, IL

**Warranty Terms- 12,000 miles or 1-year warranty on all parts and labor**

Chicago's Best Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic Chicago Illinois

Chicago Mobile Mechanic

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Covid-19 Response
Contactless Service & Car Sanitization After Service

All mobile mechanic services are now contactless to help keep everyone healthy. Watch from your window while our mechanics work in your driveway. Never make contact with anyone or anything except for your repaired and sanitized vehicle.

​We are working hard to keep essential service workers on the road. Learn about on-site repairs, so your car will be ready by the time you are off work.


He’s a personable guy and got the job done. He was very nice with regard to educating me about why my battery died and letting me know about my tires even though you don’t sell them.


This is a very well run business. Benjamin is an excellent mechanic and I highly recommend him. I have used their services twice and Benjamin has been my mechanic. I will definitely use him again for all my service needs.


Ben was super awesome! Incredibly helpful, definitely went the extra mile helping track down a very unusual problem with my jeep, and managed it while all my kids were running around playing in the yard and driveway too! We’ll request Ben again for sure, and will recommend him to everyone we know! –

Steven in OSWEGO, IL

fantastic friendly knowledgeable professional all those things that you hope encompass a service experience would highly recommend

Christopher in AURORA, IL

Very informative, patient and helpful with the information he provided me. I recommend him for future jobs.

Chicago's Best Mobile Mechanic!

Car Repair and Maintenance


High Level of Respect

The level of respect that you should be getting, let’s be honest, the local auto repair shop is not able to provide to every customer.  That is why you come to Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic who can give you this level of respect when talking on the phone, while diagnosing, estimating, and then during the services that I provide for your vehicle. There is no reason to settle for a lower tier of respect in Chicago auto repair shops when there is a better option that is just a phone call away. When getting auto repair services completed by the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area, the level of professionalism that you are going to deal with is going to far exceed the level that you could hope for at a local mechanic shop. You deserve the highest level of respect from the mechanic servicing your vehicle and that is exactly what I will give to you when I come work on your vehicle.

Treating your Time as a Commodity

We are all busy in one way or other, so an auto mechanic treating your time as any less as the same type of commodity that they treat their time as is not something that you should have to deal with. With Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic, you will get your time treated with great value and something that is incredibly important because it is. I do this but cutting the time you have to wait for service a significant amount from the time that you normally would be waiting at a local auto repair shop. I am able to do this by bringing my service directly to you and by not putting you on a waiting list like Chicago mechanic shops would likely have to do in order to get your vehicle in for service. The best mobile mechanic in Chicago places great value on your time like the commodity it is.

Giving you the most Bang for your Buck

Minimizing presently unnecessary costs that are local mechanic shops are beholden to allows me to cut what I charge you for service by enough money to give you a great deal and compared to the price that local auto repair shops charge for services it is like night and day. The best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area thinks it is a lot wiser to pass the savings from eliminating outdated costs to you, the customer, then it is to continue using outdated processes that cost extra money and that are inconvenient. Doing what it best for the customer is the duty of the person declaring themselves as Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic and this is a duty I take very seriously and do everything in my power to always keep ensuring that I am always able to do for all my customers.

Decade of Experience

When I introduced myself, I mentioned my decade of experience, this is important because it is what gives me the ability to perform Chicago’s local auto repair services with a high quality and professionalism.  This ten years of dedicating myself to providing outstanding auto repair services to Chicago is a big part of what made me the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area. That experience built a deep confidence in my ability, further strengthen my customer service excellence, and of course gave me the tools I needed to be able to conquer any challenge that is brought before me in terms of fixing problems that occur with any vehicle that I work on. As Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic, I am able to guarantee that a mechanic with a decade plus experience will be performing service on your vehicle. Auto repair shops local to Chicago are not able to make this same guarantee you might get a mechanic with 5 years of experience or you might get one that would still be considered a rookie working on your vehicle. You do not have to take the chance that anyone without the expertise level I have will be working on your vehicle if you have me come work on your vehicle

High Endurance

Another unique characteristic that I possess is the amount of endurance that I have, it makes me different than most other mechanics and is part of why I am able to continue being the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area. I have a very high level of endurance which means I will work on an issue with your vehicle much longer than most other mechanics would in general or would be able to if they were given more hours in the day to work on your vehicle. You could call me Old Spice, the Energizer Bunny, or both because I stay on task until I get the job done, I am relentless when it comes to working on and fixing a problem. You could call auto repair shops local to Chicago or call some of their mechanics pretty good but one thing you can not do is find a mechanic that works harder than I do or that you can call Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic.

Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic Services

If you are looking for Chicago’s best auto repair services, then look no further than the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area.  I am able to flex my knowledge and experience to provide you with the top services in the local area. Categorized below are the most frequently requested services in Chicago but I provide a wide array of auto repair services to Chicago and the local area.

Best Mobile Mechanic Chicago

What is on-site vehicle repair? Basically, it means that we will go to wherever your car is and do the work on-site. Parking lots, parking garages, or driveways are all locations where we mobilize to. If your car is there, then we can be too. When we arrive at your car, we will not tow it or request it be moved to a shop. Instead, we will do the work on the site where your vehicle is parked at.

Try this; Take the time out of your day to bring your vehicle to a local auto repair shop then watch them tell you how much time you will be without a vehicle or sitting in their guest lobby or waiting room.  You could do that or you could have me come directly to you and work on your vehicle right away, if you prefer this option the best mobile mechanic in Chicago is ready to take your call now.

Diagnosis is the first step in auto repair because it tells the mechanic what to work on inside your vehicle in order to fix the specific problem that is causing your vehicle trouble. Would you rather have certainty or doubt when it comes to a diagnosis of an issue with your vehicle?  With an auto repair shop that doubt exists but with Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic the certainty of a valid diagnosis is there.

Diagnostics on vehicles can be an efficient way to quickly narrow a problem down to one or two things. We have all the tools necessary to diagnose any vehicle and determine what error code is occurring. Error codes are the way that vehicles tell us what is going on. They are helpful in letting us know what to look for and are a good starting point to begin evaluating what is wrong.

Vehicle Diagnostics Chicago
Best engine tune ups Chicago

Your brakes do so much for you and your vehicle, don’t let your brakes break down. They deserve to be well taken care of after all they are what stands between you and the vehicle or object in front of you in a literal sense. Gives your brakes the right treatment, bring your brake repair and replacement service jobs to the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area.

Brakes are not overly difficult to repair or replace. However, they are extremely important for safety while driving, and bad brakes can even make driving to a mechanic a treacherous event. We won’t want you to take unnecessary risks that can jeopardize the lives of you and others by driving on the roads with bad brakes. Let us come to you and perform a quick and complete brake repair or replacement.

Putting it plainly issues with one or both of these parts means your engine is not going to turn over and you are not going anywhere. The process of repair or replacement of these parts is delicate process that should only be done by a true professional like the best mobile mechanic in Chicago.

Vehicles that are struggling to start, but are trying to turn over, may have a bad spark plug or ignition coil. These help create the combustion in your engine which burn the gas and allow your vehicle to start running. If they are bad, wet, or old, then they may need to be replaced. Fortunately for our customers, we do these replacements on-site, so you don’t have to miss out on any time or pay for a costly tow truck.

Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Chicago
Engine Tune Ups Chicago

Engine tune ups are often an overlooked area of maintenance. However, a regular tune up can be the best preventative medicine to keep your vehicle running in prime condition. Furthermore, engine tune ups are ideal for ensuring that your engine is firing properly and maintaining a solid combustion throughout the full cycle of cylinders. Whether your engine is running rich or sluggish, we can get it tuned up, so it runs the way it is supposed to.

Your engine at its best means a vehicle that runs right, one of the services that allow this to occur is an engine tune-up.  When dealing with such a vital piece of your vehicle you want Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic doing your vehicle’s engine tune-ups on a regular schedule.

Regular vehicle maintenance are things like; tire rotations, oil changes, fluid reservoir checks and fill-ups, and light replacements. These are all areas of maintenance that can be formed at any location since they don’t require special equipment or a lot of time. Regular maintenance like this is fast and easy and is necessary to keep your vehicle running for years to come.

Little things can mean everything and that could not be more true when it comes to caring for your vehicle, little auto repair jobs that encompass regular vehicle maintenance are imperative to keeping your vehicle running well.  Keeping regular maintenance and the previously mentioned engine tune-ups being done on the regular means more quality use of your vehicle and less overall auto repairs over time.  Ensure that this happens by calling in the best mobile mechanic in the Chicago area to complete these auto repair jobs for you.

Chicago Regular Vehicle Maintenance Service Chicago

Fleet Repair and Maintenance Chicago

Fleet Repair and Maintenance Chicago

Don't wait for a time when your truck breaks down. A bit of care and maintenance goes a long way for your truck. Your beloved truck’s lifespan depends on how well you take care of it. Proper truck maintenance is essential and you can rely on me to do the job! I will provide the same service that I am known for with on-site car repairs. Call me at 312-971-8065 for a fast response. I will come to you on-site to do the job!

Contact Us For More Information

Contact us by phone to speak with a dispatcher or field mechanic to determine when we can get to your on-site maintenance. Given the sheer volume or requests for our quality work, we may take a day or two to reach you for regular maintenance. If it is an emergency, then we will do our best to get to you right away so that you aren’t losing valuable time.  Check Chicago's Best Mobile Mechanic us out on Google Maps

And if you are ever down South in Atlanta Georgia warming up during the winter and need a great mobile mechanic auto repair guy look up my buddy Lee at Atlanta's Best Mobile Mechanic. Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair in Atlanta GA

Best Mobile Mechanic Chicago

“I was leaving work for the day when my car wouldn’t start. I tried to turn the key over and over, but the old car just wouldn’t start up. I called Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic where a field representative was able to come to my location in a short period of time. He did a few diagnostic tests and then determined that I had some bad spark plugs. The mechanic was very nice, clean, and professional and had my car running in under an hour. I always carry their card with me now!” – Jayetta M

Best Mobile Mechanic Services Chicago

“Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic is scheduled into the normal part of my life as they do all my regular vehicle maintenance. They are always on time and they are fast and efficient. My life keeps functioning as busy as ever, but I never have to worry about the life of my car or about taking it into a shop. All the work is done right in my driveway. Love these guys!” – Tom H

On-site Vehicle Repair Chicago

“My brakes sounded like a death machine whenever I tried to stop. They squealed extremely loud and were absolutely embarrassing to be associated with. Unfortunately, I am very busy so never had time to bring my car into a shop. Chicago’s Best Mobile Mechanic was able to provide me with fast, expert service and have my brakes replaced in under an hour. They were cheap and had quality work and customer service. I highly recommend them.” – Evelyn D