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Diagnostic testing is the start of mechanic work. Troubleshooting is done on older cars, while diagnostic testing is used to run tests on new cars that have computer chips and error codes. A solid diagnostic, test that is run by a certified professional, will generate a series of results to direct our mechanics towards the work that needs performed. We have expert mechanics who know how to take the initial diagnosis and transition it into completed work and a running vehicle. Our tools are prepared to diagnose any vehicle no matter how new or old it is.

What are Error Codes?

Error codes are designed as a way for your vehicle to communicate with mechanics. A simple machine is used to plug into your vehicle which will return codes that tell us where to direct our initial work. Some vehicles will run error codes without a diagnostic tool which also tell us where to begin working. Error codes are crucial in providing an initial assessment of what is wrong with your vehicle so that we have a launching point. Without diagnostics, it could take us double or triple the time to fix a vehicle.

How Long Do Diagnostics Take?

They are fast. We can provide an initial diagnosis with quality error codes sometimes within just a few minutes. Our field personnel are knowledgeable of what most codes are for different vehicles, although certain vehicles may require looking up the error codes which can take longer. Once we complete the initial diagnosis we will start the work in the initial area. The work will take longer depending on what needs accomplished. However, we will also follow up with a completed diagnostic test to ensure that all of the mechanic work was completed, and your vehicle is ready to go.

How Accurate are Diagnostics?

We understand that some people may be skeptical of diagnostic tests. They may be seen as untrustworthy and unreliable, but from our experience, this is far from the truth. Diagnostic testing is very accurate since it relies on simply plugging in an advanced machine that returns the codes from the vehicle. The codes expertly describe what issue you are facing and are stored on a different system so there is no worry about the codes not showing up when your vehicle is malfunctioning. Even if your battery has died, or you are having electronic issues, then we can still pull codes to repair the vehicle.

Are Diagnostics Always Required?

It may be possible to immediately know what the problem is and fix it. However, we almost always recommend performing a diagnostic test since it takes very little time and can verify that we have directed our work towards the correct problem. Furthermore, we will run diagnostic tests once we complete the work to ensure that we have fixed the issue. So, yes, diagnostics are almost always required, even if that means running them at the end of the work just to verify that your vehicle will be functioning normally from here on out.

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