Engine Tune Ups

Engine Tune Ups

Save for the occasional oil change, we tend to only take our vehicle into a shop when we notice that something is wrong and if you are unable to spend your time to go to a shop, you are advised to call for a mobile mechanic. We feel a pull in the wheel or hear a squeal as we brake and know that we need to take our vehicle in. Tune-ups are important for our vehicles as well, even though there are no indicators that will drive us to take our vehicle in for one. The engine tune-ups requirement may vary from vehicle to vehicle-based on mileage and age. Although you can find recommended schedules for tune-ups in your owner manual, consulting an automotive service mechanic can help you get a better consultation. We at Mobile Mechanic Chicago Illinois provide comprehensive vehicle maintenance which includes engine maintenance as one of the important steps in maintenance. You don’t need to come to us, we will reach out to you! Let us know what is happening with your vehicle!


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