Engine Tune Ups

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Engine tune ups can take an old, sputtering engine and make it run like new. An engine that is running rich, with a high idle, can be tuned to purr like a kitten who is lovingly curled up in your lap. Our engine tune ups are affordable and require just a little knowledge and the right tools to see immediate improvement in the quality of your car, truck, or SUV. We can do work on diesels or gas engines, so it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are driving that needs tuned up.

Tune Up Process

Tuning up an engine can be done a number of different ways. New vehicles require some more computer engagement and chip adjustments while older vehicles require adjusting small things, like the timing, in order to perform the tune up. Tune ups are not too complicated and can be done relatively quickly. Additionally, we can do tune ups anywhere since it does not require a lot of work or cause a large mess. If you suspect that your vehicle may need a tune up or are just uncertain of a noise that it is making, then give us a call.


Engine tune ups are generally good for several months up to 6 months to a year. If you have an older vehicle that with a higher torque engine, then the engine could become out of tune regularly. Vehicles like this may require monthly tune ups. Newer vehicles from the early 2000’s on my only require having a tune up performed once or twice a year. If you have put modifications on your vehicle, then they may run different and require regular tune ups, too. When you have us do your first couple tune ups, then we can come up with a baseline for the frequency of your tune up.

Better Gas Mileage

A well-tuned engine has been proven to increase gas mileage and decrease the amount of oil being used. If you regularly burn oil, then a tune up can sometimes help decrease that burn rate. Furthermore, improved gas mileage is a benefit of a finally tuned engine. When an engine runs smooth and at the appropriate level that it is designed for, then it will run with less strain and ultimately provide increased gas mileage. We want to save you money through low-cost work and better gas mileage.

Low Cost

Engine tune ups are an area where unethical mechanics are able to make a lot of money. They will start with simple diagnostics, and a tune up, before switching and spewing off terms. Before you know it, they will have a list of items that they are saying need replaced or adjusted. When in reality, an engine tune up is quick and, if done right, an easy process that should not be overly expensive. As a mobile, ethical mechanic, we strive to keep our costs low and only do the work that we charge you for.

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