Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

To keep your vehicle in good condition, regular vehicle maintenance is positive thinking. To ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, and remains fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly, you need to ensure that your vehicle is checked at least every. Vehicle maintenance could range from cleaning your vehicle to regular checks and servicing and repair too. Manufacturers advocate routine service intervals for vehicle servicing. However, schedules vary based on the manufacturer and the type of vehicle you drive. We are at Mobile Mechanic Chicago Illinois can regularly update your vehicle properly at a reasonable cost. The 5000-mile service for your vehicle is the primary service and involves safety inspection, oil and filters changes, and tire rotation. It also includes an inspection of the brakes and belts and looks out for fluid leaks or noises. If you use your vehicle for short trips, in high-traffic areas you need to change the engine oil and filter at an interval of 5000 miles. If you drive an older vehicle, you need to replace condensers and spark plugs for every 5000 miles too. You might be busy with your daily business and you might not get enough time to spend in this section. But don’t need to be worried about it, Mobile Mechanic Chicago Illinois is always ready to reach out to you. Let us take care of your vehicle!


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