Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

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One of the most common problems with a vehicle is also one of the easiest to fix if you have the right tools and experience. The common problem is, spark plugs and ignition coils. These vehicle components are what cause a vehicle to turn over and fully turn on. A spark plug is small and simple, but very crucial in starting up even the largest of vehicles. Ignition coils, on the other hand, are designed to take the voltage running from your 12-volt battery and convert it into a voltage that is able to jump the spark plug gap.

What Are Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are. Few inches long and fairly sturdy to the touch. Each vehicle will be equipped with a few different spark plugs that are located near the engine block. The spark plugs are activated with an electric current which cause them to generate a spark. Why do you need a spark? Well internal combustion engines run by having a small explosion go off inside of the engines. The explosion is minor and activates the burning of gasoline which makes the cylinders in the engine cycle, so you can drive your vehicle.

How Does an Ignition Coil Help?

An ignition coil runs the voltage from your battery to your spark plugs. It amplifies the 12 volts received from the battery until it reaches the spark plugs. The 12 volts have been slowly increased until they have enough voltage to be able to jump the gap between the spark plugs and enable them to generate the spark that is requested of them. If an ignition coil goes bad, then the spark plugs will not spark, and your vehicle will not start. This is a quick fix that we are able to do.

Spark Plug Failure

Spark plugs are relatively hardy, but they can fail just like everything else. Older model vehicles are especially vulnerable to spark plug failures. This isn’t to say that newer vehicles won’t have problems, but we have seen that older model vehicles were more reliant on their spark plugs which leads them to be more problematic. Some common spark plug failures that we see are; wet spark plugs, cold weather, and just old-fashioned aging. Cold and wet spark plugs are a particular problem in winter time when over-cranking a cold engine causes it to flood and ruin spark plugs.

Replacement Process

Spark plugs are relatively easy to replace. Pull a cord that is plugged into them, unscrew them, and screw in the new one. Replacing spark plugs should take very little time and will require no major tearing apart or intensive work. An ignition coil is very similar. It requires pulling the plug on the ends where they are attached to the spark plug, and then removing the securement pins that keep the coil snug and out of the way of the engine fan. Then, we just plug and pin everything back in with the new coil and you will be on your way.

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