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Are you looking for a reputable mobile mechanic in Chicago for your car’s transmission service? Do you want to fix your vehicle’s transmission for efficiency and excellent performance? You are in the right place. Your vehicle’s transmission is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of your car as it provides the power from the engine to your car. Whether you need a transmission fluid flush or transmission overhaul or replacement, I am a reliable mobile mechanic you can count on. 

Call today for the best transmission services possible to prevent hard shifting, gear slipping, grinding noises, and other transmission issues that cause severe interruptions to the smooth driving of your car. Let me help you put your transmission in the best condition necessary for your enhanced experience. Enjoy the smooth and safe travel you deserve by calling now.

How Transmission Works

It is essential to know that the transmission of your car is crucial to the overall efficient running of your vehicle. The transmission is a link between the engine and the wheels of a vehicle. It comprises gears and sensors. The primary function of the transmission is to ensure a smooth transfer of energy from the engine to the tires of a vehicle. 

However, this process causes the system to heat up, and it is the transmission fluid that alleviates the heat and reduces the damage. After some time, the fluid becomes weak, less efficient, and may cause dirt to build up. This process will cause the transmission to be susceptible to heat damage. 

What a Transmission Service Entails

The transmission of any car is very crucial to the performance of the vehicle. It determines the smooth and efficient running of a car. A transmission service involves removing the drain plug to allow the removal of transmission fluid and adding new fluid. This process ensures the cleaning of the system to enhance performance and make the transmission last longer. 


Why Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Service

Changing your car’s transmission fluid is essential to keep your car running efficiently, a transmission service helps to remove the buildup in the transmission. If not removed, the residue left in the transmission can contaminate the new fluid and create issues for the transmission system, which can cause significant damage to the entire transmission. 

The following reasons are why your car requires a transmission service:

  1. To keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.
  2. To improve the vehicle’s fuel economy.
  3. To help you save money by preventing damage to the transmission.
  4. To allow safer control when driving. 


Signs that Your Car Needs a Transmission Service

Call us immediately you notice any of the symptoms below. The signs are an indication of transmission issues that must be fixed quickly:

  1. Terrible grinding noises
  2. Difficulty shifting gear
  3. Gear slipping 
  4. Lack of response when shifting gear
  5. Burning smell
  6. Leaking fluid
  7. Dashboard alert


Do not drive your vehicle with these signs; it may cause further damage that could be very costly. Dial our hotline to fix service your transmission.


Why Choose Us for Transmission Service? 

When you need to service your transmission, I am a reliable mobile mechanic near you. Contact us immediately to prevent your car from costly damage. Here are some of the reasons to call us.

  1. We are responsive, and we assure you of a prompt response to attend to your vehicle. 
  2. I am ASE certified with more than a decade of experience in the industry.
  3. My services are first-rate and efficient. They guarantee performance and efficiency.

Call now and have your car’s transmission correctly restored. Dial our number; we promise to be right there for you.